I need a test chamber to suit my product and test specifications and these are not covered by anything in your standard range. Can you build something for me?

We can design and build bespoke test chambers that will perform to your exact requirements. You can specify internal dimensions, temperature and humidity range and rate of change of temperature. We can also generate very high or very low humidity conditions if required. We can also incorporate ancillary equipment such as test rigs or other test apparatus, power supplies for the test item as well as interfacing with mechanical shock machines, vibration systems and rate tables.

My product is an odd shape and will not fit inside a conventional test chamber, can you help?

We can provide test chambers that can accommodate very large products from cars and aircraft parts to large military and commercial vehicles. Alternatively we can supply an Air Treatment Unit (ATU) that generates the conditioned air remotely and applies it to an insulated enclosure which is built around the test item. The ATU is an extremely useful piece of equipment and can easily be moved from one application to another; the insulated enclosure (being a temporary structure) is inexpensive to build, and can be re-employed when the test item changes.

Which industries do you supply to?

We support all industries that use Environmental Test Equipment including Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Oil and Gas, Scientific Research and many more.

What types of Environmental Test Equipment do you supply?

We supply a wide range of High Performance Climatic Test Chambers (Temperature and Humidity) from Bench Top to large Walk-in facilities.  We also offer test chambers to simulate environmental conditions such as pressure (altitude), thermal shock, rainfall and sunlight and can generate harsh atmospheres for testing resistance to corrosion and pollution.  Our standard range of equipment will perform the majority of standard tests being carried out in industry today and we can also supply bespoke test chambers built to our customers’ exact requirements.