Bespoke Chambers

May 25, 2017

The size and shape of your test item or the complexity of your test is not a limiting factor with CVMS˚Climatic. We can build a test chamber or construct an environmental simulation or process to your precise requirements; a few examples are mentioned below:

Walk-in / Drive-in Chambers
• Volume typically from 8m3 to large ‘Drive-in’ facilities
• Temperature ranges from -70°C … +150°C or as required
• Humidity range from 10%RH to 98%RH
• Heating and cooling rates to suit applications
• Colour Touch-Screen Programmable Controller
• Combined environments: Solar radiation; Rainfall; Low pressure; Vibration

Automotive Airbag Test Systems
• Flip door chamber
• Drive-in chamber

SAFE Heating Systems
• for ATEX requirements

Combined environments with vibration and mechanical testers
• Complete environmental test systems that will provide environments such as vibration with temperature and humidity control
• Air Treatment Units (ATU) to provide temperature control or cycling for test items in mechanical test rigs, tensile testers etc.