May 25, 2017

CVMS °Climatic offer a comprehensive range of general-purpose Industrial and Laboratory Ovens which are widely used to test materials, devices or components for their tolerances of heat. The applications cover all industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Chemicals, Medical, Packaging and Food. The standard range covers temperatures up to +300° and are available in sizes from small benchtop to 1000 litres. We can also offer bespoke products such as ‘walk-in’ chambers, vacuum drying ovens and high-temperature furnaces as well as accessories including shelves and special racking systems.

Examples and features:
• Incubators (including cooled incubators)
• Standard ovens up to +300°
• PID temperature controllers
• Over-temperature alarms
• Applications include Ageing, Burn-in, Temperature Testing
• Large-capacity including ‘walk-in’ facilities

Combined systems for materials testing:
high temperature with vibration