Sand + Dust

September 1, 2014

CVMS °Climatic produces 4 standard sizes of sand & dust test chambers. They have been designed to investigate the effects of dust ingress into products and devices and establishing the quality of seals. Typical test items include automotive parts, household appliances, low-voltage electrical apparatus etc.  The equipment can also be used to establish the abrasive effect of sand and dust on materials and products, the results of which and subsequent investigations and further tests can help to improve product robustness, durability, reliability and ongoing safety.

Internal volume: 4 standard chamber sizes from 500 to 2600 litres
Dust test standards: IP1 to IP6
Dust tests according to the majority of International standards and norms

Standard Features
Stainless steel chamber interior
Large viewing window in door with manual wiper
Metal screen mesh dimensions: 50μm, 75μm
All plastic centrifugal fan
Vacuum system: pressure gauge, air filter, pressure regulation and connection tube.
Touch-screen controller

Vacuum pump