Walk-in / Drive-in

September 1, 2014

The size of your test item is not a limiting factor with CVMS °Climatic. We can produce test rooms that will fit a whole vehicle, aircraft part, space satellites or huge racks of smaller items that have to be tested or conditioned in bulk. Using only high quality materials and components procured from world class manufacturers means that performance and reliability is a feature of all our test room projects. The bespoke nature of these chambers means that we can construct a test facility to our customers’ precise requirements combining many different environmental effects. A colour touch-screen programmable controller will provide easy operation and close control of all the environmental parameters.

Internal volume: typically from 8m3 upwards as required
Temperature range: typically from -70°C … +150°C or as required
Humidity range: typically 20%RH … 95%RH or as required

Combined Environments
Solar radiation
Low Pressure